dimanche 1 janvier 2012

The nine nomadic resolutions

The walkerfollowed the dry river bed for an hour. Theheat was oppressive, walking complicated by screes and unstable rocks. Hehad hesitated to take this shortcut but it allowed him to win two hours on hisroute. Heclimbed a last rib on which a winding path of mules and donkeys and stopped toadmire the view offered to him: endless ocher, a beautiful tray with the bottom,the Himalayan barrier, an immense circus, breathtaking andoff horses at liberty, and a man, only living presences in this desert mineral.Thewalker went on his way and gradually approached the nomad sitting. Passing near him, he smiled. Thenomad smiled back and motioned him to sit next to him. The walker tried tospeak English. The nomad replied. And the conversation began;
- Where are you from?
- From France in Europe,said the walker
- Ah! France! Paris!I would love to go there.
- And you? Where are you from?
- I amhere and abroad, of yesterday and today ... smiled the nomad
- I can afford aquestion? ventured the walker,
Thenomad was going to serve him tea without asked him anything.
-Of course, answered the nomad, which focused on service.
-What differentiates you from someone who is always in the same place and howcan you do so easily?
- So, two questions ! But I want to answer it. SoI'll start with the second one, and my answers should answer the first.

Space is the time of the nomad
We think time at first. Space is incidental,consequential. Thenomad "despatialize" his representation of the world. Theimportant thing for him is not the sharing of space, but instead of the time. It temporalized its existence. And space is time. "How long beforeyou arrive?" not"How many miles before arriving?" As a result, the space is notfor us. We share itwithout difficulty.

Share and remain free
Sharingspace to stop, share our food to live, our coverage to counter the cold, Ithink this is something that unites us. Butwhen sharing is enabled, the common rules need to be met. And these rules help us toremain free. Freedom endswhere the other’s begins ...

Stay lightand look for the best climate
-A nomad can not grow. He must walk light for along walk. Hemust therefore make choices for the day, his next trip, his life. Decidingwhat is essential is vital for him.
Thewalker thought along lighten, but also jettison what does not belong to us,limiting beliefs, old demons, toxic legacies.
-Knowwhat walking with our own is to walk more easily. Makechoices, but also choices of routes. Gowhere the climate is more favorable we can walk longer and easier. Choosea difficult path can teach us, make us an experience, of course. Butif we have a choice to do, we follow the climate and the most favorableconditions. Wewould not graze our horses in countries where the grass is scarce and difficultto access. Betweentwo paths, choose one that you seem as clear.

Isolation to better meet
Tolive out this lifestyle, you must deal with solitude. See this board as it is desert. Seekingcontact with each other should not be a nomadic seeking. Thisalone makes it possible to find himself facing the elements in contact withnature, close to its roots and in connection with what to do here on thisEarth. The"noise" of others can get away from our path. Forwardis a solitary act in awareness of our membership in the World and what we cameto do. Isolationto better meet is an ability that we have developed.

Remain on guard
Keepa fresh eye on our surroundings, ie see the opportunity that passes withinreach, be alert for potential hazards, here are three recipes that will serveyou to save you and make the right decisions. Sincerewithout being naive, but not surprised gullible, attentive without beingfrightened.

Be humble, compassionateand simple
-Weare small and in this immensity, we must remain humble: nature, when ordering,reminds us that we are not much. Nomadic and donorlesson do not mix. Infact, everything I say here is what I learned. Donot take it as advice or as truth, only reflections of a man. Anomad is often only to take the tests: so it must remain in solidarity withthose who share his moments of life. Andthen, think simple and make it simple lets avoided many setbacks. Simplify,reduce, subtract rather add, multiply, complex.

Thisreminded the walker a parallel with the Japanese culture that is only madecuts: cooking, umami can feel the essence of food, music, sound can hear thesilence, painta black line allows seeing the void.

Go slowly
Time-nomadis punctuated by the seasons and the seasons are slow. Goingfast is useless: you will not finish the winter faster if you walk faster. Walkingis a slow and steady pace that allows t'économiser, walking far and wide. Theslow pace is also slow gaze, slow movements, slowness of thought also: slow,which can sometimes seem challenging to you who live in a world where time youmiss all the time. Try to slow down and feel thedifference.

Death is a new birth
- Finally,living in the nomadic life is constant motion. Finishsomething, it's a new start, change lanes is to choose another more than adrop, to die is re-living. Livein this perpetual impermanence compels us to stay alert to our surroundings, tolet go of what does not depend on us more aware of who we are and the path wetake.

-Thecaterpillar does not know that his death is also the birth of the butterfly, thewalker said to the nomad.
- Nice metaphor, indeed.
-Thank youfor everything you taught me. And I, what can I do for you? asked the walker
-The best gift you could give me is to live in awareness of all that andcontribute to inform people. I would be humbly honored.

Thewalker rose, shook nomad’s hands warmly and went on with the nine nomadics resolutionsin his bag, so confusing, so strong and so deeply inspiring.

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